Gray Flycatcher family

This past Monday I birded Red Canyon Park about 10 miles north of Canon City where I stumbled upon some very young fledgling Gray Flycatchers. There was definitely one parent in attendance that I observed feeding one or more of the young birds, and I believe the other parent was nearby. They were in thick vegetation and I was unable to get a photo in focus and also the parent(s) quickly moved the young away. Yesterday I returned and looked for the family.
I found what is likely the same family about 75 feet from where I had last seen the Gray Flycatcher family earlier this week. An adult bird flew into a shrub less than 30 feet in front of me and I got the top photo of that bird. It was quickly followed by a calling apparent fledgling that flew into the same shrub as the parent bird flew out.
I believe the 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos are of that apparent fledgling but cannot be certain. In support of my belief that this is a fledgling, or at least a young juvenile, is the sharpness of the terials as shown--that is a characteristic in many birds that is indicative of juvenile status (I could not find this confirmed in internet documents but there is not a lot of info on this species).
The last two pics are definitely a young fledgling as I clearly remember this bird and confirmed by it's short tail. SeEtta


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