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Blue on blue, Mountain Bluebirds

These colorful bluebirds can be found year round in my south central part of Colorado, sometimes I even see them at a local cemetery on the edge of town. I photographed these birds about 10 miles south of Canon City. Fortunately this species of bluebird is rated as "low conservation concern". SeEtta

Bald Eagle in Bighorn Sheep Canyon

I drove up the Bighorn Sheep Canyon that runs west of Canon City where I live along the Arkansas River two days ago and spotted this adult Bald Eagle perched above the river but not far off the road. I was able to stop and get my photos from about 150 feet away, taking pics from inside my car to avoid risking flushing the eagle. I am pleased to report that after taking pics and driving off the eagle was still perched as it was when I got there.
I took the top 2 pics at 600 mm equivalent focal length and additionally cropped them significantly. The bottom pic is the second pic before I cropped it. SeEtta