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Red foxes propagating

I haven't posted for just over a week as I was driving home from Texas then, because I stayed right up to the last day I could, had lots of meetings and other tasks facing me. I still have a number of Texas photos I want to post but I had to post about a very neat opportunity I was afforded today. I was doing a little birding on the grounds of the Holy Cross Abbey in my hometown, Canon City, CO. These grounds have always been open to the public and since there are hundreds of diverse species of trees, plus open space, it is a good birding location.

I was walking with my dogs in an area with buildings when I spotted a Red fox several hundred yards away, then a second fox following the first fox. They both spotted my dog and stopped, so I called my smaller dog, Chase, to me and had him stay still (my old dog was out of their view and he moves slow due to his age so I didn't think he would disturb them). As I watched the first fox continue walking across the field, it appear…