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Nesting Golden Eagles

Yesterday I found a pair of Golden Eagles on a new new site here in Fremont County. Though this pair may be the pair I have observed perched on hilltop about a mile from this nest site, I have never seen their nest site before.
And this cliff nest site has previously been used by a pair of Red-tailed Hawks I have followed for some years. I believe it is unusual for Golden Eagles to take over a hawk nest site. It is also unusual for them to be sitting on eggs already. The Colo Breeding Bird Atlas I (only one I could find date info on at this time) showed Golden Eagles on nests from April on. And the Golden Eagles I have previously observed nesting in another part of Fremont County weren't on the nest before late March or early April.
I got to observe the mail come in and relieve the female on the nest and a lot of neat eagle flying by the male and some by the female.
In the pic above the eye of the eagle is just seen above the nesting material on the left side of the pic. …