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Chimney Swifts returning to roost from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo. After finding out about this chimney in Harlingen, TX that hosts several hundred Chimney Swifts I had to go see it. I was not disappointed as I enjoyed watching hundreds of these birds converge near this large chimney, circling and chittering until they dive into the chimney to roost for the night. As they wait until almost dark to go to their roost it is best to watch this in full screen mode (click on 'vimeo' to enlarge). SeEtta

Philadelphia Vireo, another lifer

Frontera Audubon was hot yesterday with a number of new species having apparently been brought in by the rain the night before. One of the new birds was this pretty Philadelphia Vireo. I did not do any editing other than cropping, the color and brightness were as photographed. SeEtta

Black-billed Cuckoo, a new life bird

This was a real treat yesterday at Frontera Audubon as I have never seen a Black-billed Cuckoo before. It certainly behaved like the Yellow-billed Cuckoos I have seen, secretively staying at least partially obscured in the tree. It's red eye ring is barely visible but the black bill is best seen in the middle pic.
I added the crummy pic below only because it does show the white spots on this species graduated tail. SeEtta