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First Green Heron of the year in the Canon City area

Green Herons can be very shy birds so I was happy today to get this nice photo above. I took it from my car at a distance of about 75 feet from the bird with my dslr so the quality was good enough to crop it severely to get this enlargement. This sequence of photos starting with the photo just above show the bird as it flushes from me--and I was sitting in my car about 80-100 feet away!
I didn't get out of the car, didn't open the door--but my dslr camera does make a mechanical noise when the shutter is depressed and the bird heard that. SeEtta

First House Wrens have returned to Holcim Wetlands

The House Wren in the top photo was just singing it's little heart out when I took the pic. It was one of two House Wrens that are first of the year birds for the Canon City area this spring. And had to include a photo of one of the Canada Goose with it's very young offspring. Also had a large flock of over a hundred White-throated Swifts stop-over to feed above this wetland and the adjacent river today. SeEtta