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I spotted this male Eastern Bluebird with the plump worm in it's beak as shown in bottom pic. I was surprised to find one at this time of year as we have only had Eastern Bluebirds in the winter and then usually only one or two small flocks that stayed for only a week or so. I watched this male fly to a tree snag, linger then fly away so I hunkered down in my car and waited until he returned. He first leaned into a hole in the snag as he was feeding that juicy worm to some apparent nestlings. I watched him for about 20 minutes as he brought more food to the nest, Then the female came out for awhile. After the female left this very devoted father went inside the nest cavity and brought out a fecal sac. The female returned with food once then I left as she showed some reluctance at the nest hole and I didn't want to interfere with her taking care of the nestlings. This is neat as this is the first breeding record for Eastern Phoebe in Fremont County,CO and only 11 previo…