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Williamson's Sapsucker-2 males in Rouse Park in Canon City

I found the male in the top pic on the north side of Rouse Park in Canon City last week but didn't get any photos until a few days later on Nov 15. I have seen him working this same pine tree on 3 occasions.
The other two pics are of a second male Williamson's I also found on Nov 15 a few hundred yards from the other male. I have seen him in this same pine tree on days now but also have seen fresh saps wells in several other nearby pine trees. SeEtta

Williamson's Sapsucker-female in Centennial Park in Canon City

This female Williamson's Sapsucker has apparently been working the pine trees in Centennial Park for the past several weeks. I have seen a female in this and two other pine trees plus have seen active sap wells in several other pine trees in this park. SeEtta

Williamson's Sapsucker-female in Canon City cemetery

The Canon City, CO sapsucker-fest continues with Williamson's Sapsuckers taking the very big lead--currently at least 4 females and 2 males in various hotspots in town. I have seen this female in the same pine tree in Lakeside Cemetery on several occasions over the past several weeks. The bottom pic catches this lady with her beak in a sap well. SeEtta

Sapsucker-fest continues in Canon City, CO--Williamson's in the lead

In addition to the single male Red-naped Sapsucker I found on the grounds of The Abbey in Canon City on November 1, there are at least 4 female Williamson's and 2 male Williamson's Sapsuckers at local hotspots. Since female Williamson's look alike, I drove from one hotspot to another finding one at each of 4 hotspots including The Abbey. Since I think it is pretty unlikely that one or more females flew immediately to the next hotspot after I drove to the next one, I believe the 4 females I saw were different individuals.

I haven't seen either of the two male Williamson's I posted on at Lakeside Cemetery on Nov 6 even though I have looked several times. However, I saw both male Williamson's in Rouse Park, one on the north side and one several hundred yards away. I drove back and forth twice between these locations to confirm that these were 2 different birds. I posted photos of the female at The Abbey below so will post photos of the other sapsuckers in n…

Safe perch for Great Horned Owl

I spotted this Great Horned Owl perched about 75 feet up in a large tree. As I walked beneath the tree, it became clear why it choose it's current perch--it was at least partially camouflaged by branches and leaves from any position on the ground. I took a few quick hand-held shots and moved on so I didn't flush it from it's safe perch on the grounds of The Abbey in Canon City,CO. SeEetta