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One of 3 Willliamson's Sapsuckers in Canon City today

In addition to the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker today I found 2 male and 1 female Williamson's Sapsuckers. This male was feeding actively at The Abbey. Some of the sapwells he has recently drilled are visible. SeEtta

First Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Canon City this fall/winter

Not a great shot as this sapsucker was 30-40 feet up a deciduous tree (with lots of leaves still on it blurring the focus) in a private yard today in Canon City. Not easy to see but it is a male of this species with a red throat that looked completely bordered by the black border. This is the first of this eastern species that I have found so far this fall/winter season when sapsuckers from 3 species either stop-over or spend the fall-winter season. SeEtta

'Autumn Loons' (well, Common Loons in their autumn transitional plumage)

These are photos of 4 Common Loons I saw yesterday at Trinidad Lake that were all actively feeding not far from each other. These loons (As they were diving frequently and popping up in different locations I do not know if photos are all of the same loon or different ones) were in transitional plumage-transitioning from breeding to winter plumage. As it is autumn, and there is a moon named for this season, I think these should be named 'Autumn Loons'. SeEtta