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Stopover by Snowy Egret

I found this Snowy Egret at Florence River Park last week. This is the first of the year Snowy Egret I have seen. It didn't stay long so likely was just stopping over as it migrates. Birds of North American online provides a wonderful description: "Adults in breeding plumage develop long, delicate plumes forming wispy spray of feathers extending off breast, recurving off lower back (arising from lower scapulars), and forming short, shaggy crest off nape." Click on Read More for more pics SeEtta

Wood Ducks way high up in a tree

[Click on Read More below to see close up pic] While walking on the Canon City Riverwalk a few days ago I was very surprised to spot a Wood Duck perched on a large cottonwood tree at least 70-80 feet above the ground. While I have seen a number of Wood Ducks in trees I have never seen one this high up. As I watched through my binoculars he walked around this large branch then jumped/flew down to a slightly lower branch. After several minutes a second Wood Duck, this one a female, appeared from behind a branch maybe 10-15 feet below the first duck and within a few seconds she flew off followed quickly by the male. Since Wood Ducks do nest in large cavities in trees near water (this location is less than 50 feet from the Arkansas River, see nest site info below), I suspect this is a pair and that the female was house shopping. Maybe since this location is near the Sell's Lake Trailhead and is a very busy area below she decided to look far up above all the human related disturban…