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Evening Grosbeaks feeding fledgling in feeder tray

The brief video clip below also shows a fledgling fluttering it's wings to beg the adult to feed it then being fed. Evening Grosbeaks--feeding fledgling from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.
Last week I started hearing Evening Grosbeak calls so I put out the tray feeders with black oil sunflower seeds (they are so big they do best with tray feeders). I expect that these are some of the Evening Grosbeaks that spent spring in my neighborhood then left in May to go to their breeding locales at higher elevation. I am pleased that only about 1 dozen of the 3 dozen or so birds did returned as the larger flock was an awful lot of birds to host.

In these pics an adult bird is feeding a sunflower seed to a fledgling. I have only seen 1 fledgling at a time so I don't know if there is more than just the one. And I don't know if the adult bird is a parent or just an adult that is in the right place for begging. The fledglings are funny as they often perch right in the tray full of sunflower …