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Probable hybrid Black X Eastern Phoebe feeding nestlings

I found this probable hybrid Black X Eastern Phoebe attending a nest built into a crevice in a rock wall. That is the first I have ever seen in a natural location, with others built on human built structures. I watched while this phoebe brought food to the nestlings. More to come. SeEtta

Very cute fox family relaxing in the shade-video and pics

I spotted this family of Red Foxes under a bridge as I was driving yesterday. I found a place not too close to park so I didn't frighten them and carefully walked to a place above that bridge where I could hide behind some vegetation and get these pics. I wanted to stay and get more but they were so relaxed and the kits playing that I didn't want to chance being seen and ruining their chance to enjoy themselves.
If you click on the top pic to enlarge it you can see the very pretty yellow eyes on the one kit. You can also see the eyes if you enlarge the short vide to full screen. SeEtta
Red Fox Family: relaxing in the shade from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.