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Williamson's Sapsuckers-first birds of the fall in Canon City

Williamson's Sapsuckers breed in the mountains in Colorado and most apparently migrate south with all but a few birds reported in the state from Oct 1 to around April 1 when they start returning.
Some of those remaining in Colorado come into Canon City in the fall and remain over the winter along with a few Red-naped and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers.
I found this male and female Williamson's Sapsuckers, the first of the season, in Lakeside Cemetery. Though they briefly fed in the same tree and near each other, it did not last long as the female left the tree to the more dominant male. I have observed this previously with males being more dominant and chasing females away from their feeding location.
Though I have looked every day I had not refound any Williamson's until today when I spotted a male, likely the the one in these photos. SeEtta

Greater Spreadwinged Damselfly

I found a good sized population of these damselflies near an irrigation pond in Canon City, CO. Linda Rockwell identified the species as Greater Spreadwinged Damselfly (Archilestes grandis).
When I read about this species on the field marks matched though the "continuous pale yellow side stripe on thorax" as described looks whiter on this damselfly and it may be immature as they note. I thought it was a male because it's top appendage matched their description and drawing.
I submitted photos to and it was confirmed as as Greater Spreadwing and photos placed in that species online database. It was confirmed as a male on Arthropods Colorado facebook page. SeEtta