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Clark's Grebe and chick-Lake Henry,CO

These pics are of one of the Clark's Grebe parents with an older chick. The chick swims towards the parents then in the bottom pic it is getting back up on the parent's back. SeEtta .

Clark's Grebe & chick-Lake Henry, CO,

Clark's Grebe & chick-Lake Henry, CO

Clark's Grebe & chick-Lake Henry, CO, originally uploaded by SeEtta.

The little hawk that didn't know it could fly

I was privileged a few days ago to observe a young Red-tailed Hawk recently fledged from it's nest near Canon City. I first spotted it as it crashed landed on top of a mesa, very near to the steep cliff edge. Thinking it had flown some distance before it's awkward descent (not a correct assumption), I was surprised that subsequent flight attempts were for only a few feet. Then it flew off a cliff and made another very awkward landing on a large (like 75 foot high) boulder that was only 30 or so feet below the ledge from whence it took off.

Then began an extended period during which the fledgling hawk would look over the edge of the boulder, preen, walk around a bit, flap it's wings as though preparing to take off, then just look forlorn (yes, I admit that is an anthropomorphic comment and maybe just a projection by me of what I would feel like up there as I am fearful of heights). The parent birds flew nearby and called back to this little hawk, likely to encourage it to t…