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Fog Along the Redwood Coast Is Disappearing

Fog Along the Redwood Coast Is DisappearingI originally heard about this on an NPR radio program last week. The fog provides the humid environment that redwoods need and is why they are limited to a certain distance from the coast. The disappearance of fog portends no good for redwood forests and the entire ecosystem.

More Western Bluebird pics

Here are two more pics I got of the Western Bluebirds I photographed in Canon City, CO during the Great Backyard Bird Count. The top pic enlarges for super close-up views (the bottom pic loses quality). SeEtta

Great bluebirds

I found a small flock of Western Bluebirds while doing the Great Backyard Bird Count. They flew in to feed near where I was parked so I carefully got out of my car and took photos of the bluebirds on the other side using my car blind so I got some really quite good shots and their colors came through nicely. Double click on each pic for some truly awesome close-ups. SeEtta

GreatBackyardBirdCount: Williamson'sSapsucker

The Great Backyard Bird Survey began last Friday and ended today. I did several surveys in and around the Canon City, Colorado area. This adult female Williamson's Sapsucker was one the highlights for me. I found her originally in late November, 2009 at the Abbey. Not long after I left the state for my month long trip to Texas and I hadn't refound this bird until yesterday. I didn't find the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker but did see the Red-naped. SeEtta