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Rare for the LRGV, a Hammond' Flycather

This Hammond's Flycatcher was identified yesterday at Estero Llano Grande State Park in Weslaco, TX by Mary Gustafson with some notes that this bird has been around for a month (I guess the bird matches some photos taken last month but identified as another species).
There are very small differences between Hammond's and Dusky Flycatcher and similar to other empids. This bird wagged it's tail upwards which rules out Gray Flycatcher that wags it's tail downward. Sibley notes that Dusky has a rounded head and this bird shows a flatter head.  Sibley also differentiates Dusky and Hammond's by primary projection with Dusky having a short projection and Hammond's a long projection. Not visible in pics but I looked at the bird 's back and had the impression of a long primary projection. Sibley also states that Hammond's have a "distinct 'vest'" and all 3 of these shows a vested appearance. But I am glad there have been no other flyc…

Is this Peregrine Falcon is giving me the finger!

While I photographed this Peregrine Falcon it lifted it's foot and pointed it's middle toe directly up in the air and it's looking down towards me! Well, maybe not it's 'middle toe' (they have two toes facing forward and 2 back behind so they don't really have a middle toe). In the pic above it's 2 forward, 2 back toes are evident. And actually those are called talon. Check out those long,sharp nails! SeEtta