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Last climbing kestrel pic

This photo provides a better view of the young Kestrel's claws clinging to the bark of the tree trunk it is climbing. It appeared to use it's tail for balance similar to how woodpeckers do. Since young Great Horned Owls that climb tree branches when they first leave the nest are called 'branchers', could these kestrel's be referred to as 'trunkers'?-lol. SeEtta

Am Kestrel fledgling, more pics on tree trunk

The top pic shows the American Kestrel fledgling as it is hopping up the tree trunk while using flapping it's wings to assist it in climbing up the tree. This was most unusual to observe. SeEtta

Am Kestrel fledgling-climbing up a tree!

I had previously observed a pair of American Kestrels that I thought were nesting in a cottonwood grove between the Arkansas River and a hay field on my friend's organic farm in the Canon City, CO area. Today I found this young fledgling clinging to the trunk of one of the large cottonwood trees in this grove. As it climbed the tree, hopping up with the help of it's wings, both apparent parents flew around and called often. More pics to follow. SeEtta