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Western Screech-Owls on the lines

I found these Screech-Owls in a residential section of Canon City just a half mile from me. I was driving home last night right at dark when I spotted 2 little owl shapes like the one in the pic below. I got turned around and got out to watch them and get a couple of pics.
The owl below is clearly a juvenile and I believe it is pretty young as it did not fly very well. It also vocalized frequently in the one note that I call 'family talk'. The other owl is likely a parent (at least it didn't act like a recent parent Screech-Owl that hit in the eye causing iritis). My neighborhood and the location where these owls were is about a quarter mile from the Arkansas River and there are number of Western Screech-Owls in this area. I have seen them a couple of times in my yard and have taken 2 to the Pueblo Raptor Center as neighbors found them injured. SeEtta