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Rufous morph Red-tailed Hawk in Wet Mountain Valley

In addition to the Prairie Falcon I saw a about 6 Red-tailed Hawks around the Wet Mountain Valley this afternoon including this pretty rufous morph. SeEtta

Prairie Falcon in Wet Mountain Valley (Colo)

I found this pretty Prairie Falcon not far from Lake DeWeese. Unfortunately though I stayed in my car (and even turned off the ignition and let it coast to a stop to reduce disturbance) I disturbed it--you can see it is looking right at me. So it flew off before I could get another good photo. SeEtta

Took a time out for injuries

First I had a bad fall and injured my leg--no breaks, no ligament damage but did bruise the bone and lots of soft tissue bruising. That limited my walking a lot as well as time on computer as I needed to keep it elevated. So I started doing car birding until I had a flat tire. Bummer the damage was too much for repairs and due to having an all wheel drive car I had to get a replacement tire that was same brand, same model and about the same tread depth (within a couple of 32nds of an inch). Found exact tire online and it finally came yesterday so today I went to the mountains and photographed birds in above posts. SeEtta