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Great Blue Heron nestlings

For super close up views, double-click on the pics to enlarge them.These Great Blue Herons are in rookery that nests in large cottonwood trees in Holcim Wetlands in eastern Fremont Co., CO. This year a group of Double-crested Cormorants began nesting there also.
The nestlings in these pics are young. They won't begin to fly until they are 50-60 days of age but at least one was already learning to extend it's wings and make a few flapping motions while I was there. SeEtta

Hummingbirds already nesting in Canon City,CO

The female Black-chinned Hummingbird in the top pic has been sitting on the nest for at least 2 days. That nest is at eye level and only just a few feet off the Riverwalk trail. The hummingbird below, also a Black-chinned, was still working on her nest 2 days ago so began sitting on the nest either yesterday or today. This hummingbird's nest is about 30 feet up and about 15 feet off the trail. SeEtta

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Tricolored Heron-another short video clip

This very short video clip is a little difficult as the Tricolored Heron is behind tall cattails and the video camera does not always focus well as it moves quickly about but it provides a view of how the heron engages in 'dart' feeding. It is probably best to run it at least 2 times to see the heron as it is moving rapidly through most of the clip and the picture shakes as I have difficulty holding the camcorder totally still when I have it extended to it's full 40X optical zoom. At the end the heron is standing still behind the cattails. SeEtta

Tricolored Heron video clip

This video clip shows the Tricolored Heron as it does some fishing along the edge of the cattail marsh. SeEtta

Tricolored Heron-a rare vagrant in Fremont Co., CO

This Tricolored Heron was found yesterday by local area birder Rich, at the Holcim Wetlands in eastern Fremont County, CO. Probably a first for the county, it is also a rarity throughout Colorado. When I arrived the sun was shining and only starting to get cloudy when I got the top pic.
I sat and watched the heron for about 10 minutes and by the time I got the bottom pic it had started to rain so that pic is not as bright and sharp as the top pic (demonstrates the difference that light makes). However it does show it's distinctive white belly. I enjoyed watching this heron make several 'dash' moves to go quickly after prey--a very fast effort I might add. Though I was enjoying observing this heron feed, I took off shortly after this pic as it started thundering. SeEtta

Broad-wingedHawk video clip

This short video clip is not the greatest as it is difficult to hand=hold it steady at really high zoom. SeEtta

More pics of Broad-winged Hawk in juvenal plumage

These two pics of the light morph Broad-winged Hawk I found on the Canon City, CO Riverwalk this morning show some of the traits of it's juvenal plumage. The top pic shows well the light colored supercilium. The bottom pic shows the 4 bands plus broad subterminal band found on the 'narrow-banded type' identified in Wheeler's Raptors of Western North America. SeEtta
These pics enlarge nicely for close-up viewing so just double-click on each pic. SeEtta

Juv Broad-winged Hawk on Canon City Riverwalk

I found this Broad-winged Hawk on the Canon City, CO Riverwalk this morning. I first spotted a Cooper's Hawk chasing what looked like a Broad-winged Hawk across the middle part of the Riverwalk but I wasn't sure as it looked a little different. Later this morning I found this hawk which is in juvenal plumage and the apparent reason that the hawk I saw earlier looked a little different. This species is a rare visitor to the Canon City Riverwalk though sightings seem to be increasing each year. These pics enlarge nicely so double-click on each one. SeEtta

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