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Red-necked Grebe, a very rare visitor to Holbrook Reservoir

I spotted this Red-necked Grebe yesterday at Holbrook Reservoir in southeast Colorado. While fairly rare in the state with only a few showing up every year (though often at least one at Pueblo Reservoir) this is the first one that has been recorded in Ebird for this small reservoir.
This one appears to be transitioning from breeding to winter plumage with a little reddish still showing on neck. SeEtta

Rugged looking Lewis's Woodpecker

After an absense of almost 2 years from the Canon City area, I found a flock of Lewis's Woodpeckers have returned. I have no idea where they have been as I have checked the 3 reliable sites in and near town for them most of 2016 and this year with no luck. Previously they had been quite regular for much of the past 10 years. This is molt time for this species and this one does look rather disheveled. SeEtta

Yellow-rumped Warblers in muted fall plumage

One of a good number of migrating Yellow-rump Warblers stopping over during migration (actually 2 weeks ago). SeEtta

Just a cute Mountain Chickadee

While I have 3 Mountain Chickadees coming to feeders in my yard I photographed this one elsewhere in town. I do enjoy these cute little acrobatic birds. SeEtta

Chihuahuan Ravens in south central Colorado

It is has been some time since I found clear Chihuahuan Ravens in my area. Usually I find ravens that are likely hybrid Chihuahuan-Common Ravens or just those whose characteristics are intermediate. Correctly identifying Chihuahuan Ravens in Colorado is fraught with hazards as explained in this Colo Field Ornithologists journal article and I am not inclined these days to call one a Chihuahuan without some definitive field marks. This raven and a second one showed the definitive field mark of having nasal bristles clearly more than half the length of the bill. Of less reliability they appeared to have thicker (deep) bills and the throat feathers look less shaggy than those found on Common Ravens. SeEtta