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More Greater Sage-Grouse video

I found that the researcher, Dr. Gail Patricelli, has a whole utube site for her labs videos of Greater Sage-Grouse. Below is one of their great video's showing male Greater Sage-Grouse engaged in strut displays including a cool slowed down section at the end that allows close observation of how they do it (again, just click on the arrow below to start the video).

Go to the Patricelli Lab utube page for more fantastic videos of Greater Sage-Grouse plus a few of Satin Bowerbirds.

Bird's eye view of life-at-the-lek

There is a cool research program in Wyoming using a robot version of a female Greater Sage Grouse to study mating behavior. This is most unique and inventive. The following video will give a literal bird's eye view of life-at-the-lek for a female Sage Grouse (just click on the arrow below to start the video).

Read the story about this great project SeEtta