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Birds, bats and wind energy

Though a number of species conservation groups including the National Audubon Society are supportive of wind energy, it is important that wind farms be built with proper consideration of impacts to birds and bats which can be negatively impacted by windmills, transmission lines and the increased roads to support them. The American Bird Conservancy has this short video that explains the issues. Just click on the arrow to start it. SeEtta

More ? felid pics

This cat always moved in a stealthy manner as though it was stalking prey when it moved in the field; however, it did not appear to be after any prey. It appeared to be avoiding me by walking away from me as surreptitiously as possible. SeEtta

Maybe escaped exotic cat

Today I talked to Justin Krall, the wildlife officer assigned to the Westcliffe area. He said that there is someone who owns exotic cats that lives in the Westcliffe area. He thinks they own either servals or savannah cats. He said that these cats have gotten loose and have roamed as far as the Arkansas River which is ten or so miles from their home. He added that these cats have been neutered so they cannot breed with local animals.
Justin said he would check with the owner of the exotic cats and see if any have wandered off. SeEtta

Comments shut down

Due to someone breaching security I had to shut down comments on my blog. It is most unfortunate that some person gets their kicks in such ways.

So far 2 persons have said they believe the cat is just a domestic cat and 2 believe it is a melanistic bobcat. SeEtta

Unusual felid (large house or ? cat)

While birding in the Wet Mountain Valley of southeast Colorado I saw this black wild felid (member of the cat family)--it was appered more than twice the size of a large domestic cat, about 3 feet in length. It was exceptionally wary. I watched it through my binoculars and 60 X spotting scope for more than 10 minutes. Though I stayed in my car, it stopped it's slinky movements to hide in the tall grass and watch me. It was dusk and getting dark so the pics I got are not diagnostic but they do provide some clues about this cat's charateristics. I called DOW and they have had a number of calls in past several years about a cat they think may be an escaped pet ocelot. Unless it is a melanistic ocelot, that is not this cat. I checked the internet and there have been melanistic ocelots but there have also been melanistic bobcats. At this point I wouldn't venture a guess. The middle pic is just an enlargement of the top pic. The cat was between 125 and 175 feet when I …

Wet Mountain Valley sunset

Sangre de Christo Mountains are in the background. SeEtta