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Zone-tailed Hawks being seen again at Frontera Audubon Center

I hadn't been back to Frontera Audubon Center since it looked like the Zone-tailed Hawks would not be perching or roosting in same locations that could be shared with the many other birders who were interested in seeing them. I returned yesterday afternoon and was told that both the juvenile and adult Zone-tailed Hawks had been seen in the past week or so near the pond viewed from Audubon Frontera where I had photographed them previously. I found this juvenile Zone-tail perched in a tree on the other side of the pond from Frontera at 3:40 pm. Thanks to staff member on duty Chris Warren who was willing to stay past the 4 pm closing to accommodate viewing of the hawk by others who were there to look for it, a group of 9-10 birders (including several from England) were able to view, photograph and videotape this bird also.
Note: I believe there are likely two juvenile Zone-tailed Hawks frequenting Frontera Audubon as the photos I have taken do seem to show juveniles with sign…

Green Parakeets video: close to 500 birds stretch across the sky

Though I have seen the aggregation of Green Parakeets a couple of more times in McAllen, TX, the numbers have been reduced from the close to 500 I found last week. This was a video clip I hadn't had time to process but is different from the one below. This shows all of the parakeets flying together in a long loose line that stretched far across the sky. It provides some perspective on how large the number of birds were in this group. SeEtta