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Cordilleran Flycather

This little flycatcher flew onto a snag in a tree just about 25 feet from where I was sitting in my car at Pueblo Mountain Park yesterday. He perched there for several minutes, calling a few times, which allowed me a good opportunity to photograph him from a reasonable distance.

These pics show nicely the description of this species from "Adults have an olive grey upper plumage that is darker on the wings and tail. The plumage below is yellowish. They have conspicuous white eye rings, white wing bars, a small bill and a short tail."

Not noted in above description but shown here are the elongated white eye rings. Cordilleran Flycatchers also have distinctive bright yellow mandibles which is also shown in these pics. While not as vital for identifying this species as it is with other empidonax species, it is still useful to note the moderately long primary projection. SeEtta