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Lapland Longspurs in west Texas

(Note: I have delayed posting as I have traveled by car to So Texas and I don't like to post my absence until the people who will stay in my house while I am gone are there. They have now arrived so I feel comfortable putting out the info publicly)

I found very large numbers of Lapland Longspurs totally more than 300 northeast of Lubbock, TX. The close-up above is one of at least 200 Lapland Longspurs in several flocks in an agricultural field. The distinctive dark frame on the auriculars is easily seen in that photo.

The birds in the middle and bottom pics are from a playa, one of few that have any water in it. I also saw Sandhill Cranes and white-cheeked geese in addition to about a hundred Lapland Longspurs. SeEtta