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Black Phoebes begin nest building in Canon City

Yesterday I found an apparent pair of Black Phoebes near a often use nest site along the Arkansas River at MacKenzie Ave in Canon City. Today I found a single Black Phoebe on private property near a long term nest location. I was pleased to find this Black Phoebe gathering and taking nest material including blobs of mud to a site I had suspected was a nest site but had not been able to confirm in previous years. In this top pic the phoebe is carrying some vegetation with attached mud. Females gather nest material and construct the nest so this is the female. The pic above is that same Black Phoebe with the vegetation in her bill just before she flew to the nest site. The pic below is of the apparent mate who stayed nearby while the female above gathered and brought nest material. SeEtta

Common Mergansers on the Arkansas River

I spotted this pair of Common Mergansers on the Arkansas River in Canon City yesterday. They took advantage of the swift flow to move them quickly downstream with little effort. SeEtta

A couple of Wilson's Snipe foraging in agriculture ditch

I have an area in Canon City that Wilson's Snipe find good for foraging.  I was surprised recently to watch one of them 'bouncing' up and down on it's legs repeatedly as it foraged not too different than the foraging behavior of American Woodcocks.  I checked Birds of North America online which indicated this was done, "apparently to startle prey into moving."  Top pic is darker as it was overcast while sunny for bottom pics.  SeEtta

Black Phoebe

This is one of Black Phoebes in an apparent bonded pair that I have been observing every day for the past 6 days.  They often forage near one another at Sell's Lake in Canon City but also take the very short flight, less than a hundred feet, the Arkansas River. Unfortunately these pics were pretty backlit. SeEtta

After a long absence I am back

Problems with my computer which I have replaced and my camera-lens combo that I worked out just made it difficult to maintain this blog. I am back. SeEtta