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Bighorn sheep-oh, what beautiful brown eyes you have

I spotted this small herd of Bighorn sheep in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon west of Canon City this past week. Though their coats are often pretty rugged they have such beautiful brown eyes.
A little further down the canyon I spotted another small herd of Bighorn Sheep showing off, and practicing, their skills at traversing steep locations. SeEtta

One of a number of Black Phoebes in the Canon City area

Black Phoebes are pairing up around the Canon City area including this particular bird. So far I have found 2 in Florence and 6 in and near Canon City. SeEtta

American Dipper feeding on shore

On Saturday I located a total of 4 American Dippers at three locations along the Arkansas River in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon west of Canon City plus two nests at two locations.
The photo just below shows one of the dipper nests.
I videoed this American Dipper as it fed on the multiple insects on the shore. While this species is best known for feeding in and under rapidly moving water there had been a good caddis hatch so seems likely this bird as well as it's mate, that I also watched feeding on the shore, were enjoying the caddis flies. SeEtta