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Eastern and Black Phoebes in Florence, CO

Today I found River Park in Florence, CO to be very active for the first time in quite a while (the city has let people drive all over, destroying vegetation). Among the birds there I found two Eastern Phoebes and a Black Phoebe. One of the Eastern's was an immature, the bird in these photos, while the other was an adult. I had seen this immature in and near this park a few times in the past month and it did not seem to want to share it with either of the other two phoebes as it had several antagonistic interactions with each of them. I did not get photos of the Black or adult Eastern but did get these of the immature Eastern.
The mostly buffy edges on it's wing coverts are seen in the top photo. And the bottom photo shows the pointed rectices found on birds of this species in First Basic plumage (September-August) as noted in Birds of North America online. SeEtta

Very large tarantula spider

I found this big tarantula last night on the far west end of Canon City. Actually I spotted one almost this size then saw this guy and was very impressed. It's size is clearer in the photo below that I took with my point and shoot camera.
I have been told that tarantulas are migrating but have read that it is not a true migration but a quest to find a female. I sure was impressed by how fast they walk. SeEtta

Another recent Black Phoebe in Canon City

This is another of the several Black Phoebes I have seen on the Canon City Riverwalk this month. On some days I saw up to 3 or 4 Black and an Eastern Phoebe plus a likely hybrid along the one mile section of this riverwalk between Sell's Lake and Raynolds trailheads. SeEtta

Recent juvenile Black Phoebe in Canon City

I am way behind on my photos, just so many birds. And taking prescription medicine for elevated blood lipids that is known for causing fatigue and sleep problems--after birding and doing some chores, I'm just too tired to go through my photos then edit and upload them-bummer. Anyway, this is one of the several Black Phoebes I have seen in the past 2 weeks around the Canon City,Co area. This one is in juvenal plumage (see brown wing bars and straight across demarcation of black and white underparts) and was on the Canon City Riverwalk.

Bear being a bear-up a tree

I spotted this Black bear about 75 feet up a large cottonwood tree yesterday. Click on this photo to enlarge for better view. Actually I got a series of photos of this quality so this is just a teaser. More will follow in a day or two. SeEtta

Broad-winged Hawk, detour through Colorado

Broad-winged Hawks are eastern birds but we have regular visits from them especially during migration. I spotted this one flying high above Brush Hollow State Wildlife Area today. SeEtta

Yellow-headed Blackbirds, squabbling boys

I have been seeing up to several dozen Yellow-headed Blackbirds in Florence for the past few days. The two males in the top pic had a dispute they settled with a short battle. SeEtta

Best photo of this Chestnut-sided Warbler

I think this photo shows all the field marks for a female Chestnut-sided Warbler in 1st winter plumage. I would gladly take a dozen more of her. SeEtta

Chestnut-sided Warbler-photos of underparts

When I typed 'photos of underparts' I thought that this almost sounds naughty. However, underparts of birds are important in establishing species, gender and age. In this bird, the green upperparts, plain white underparts, yellowish wing bars and white eye ring with the lack of any chestnut is diagnostic for 1st winter female Chestnut-sided Warblers. SeEtta

First winter female Chestnut-sided Warbler

Birding this morning was fairly slow only a few warblers (Wilson's, Yellow)that haven't moved on. Then I found this beautiful Chestnut-sided Warbler, a female in first winter plumage. What gorgeous green color on her head and back!

I really liked the bottom pic as the color came through so well, even with overcast skies that tend to suck color from photos, that I did no tweaking-just cropped to enlarge. More pics to come. SeEtta