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Solitary Sandpiper still pic

Here is a still pic of the Solitary Sandpiper in the video clip. SeEtta

Hide N Seek quail

I first heard this Scaled Quail singing and found it on top of a fence post. It quickly flew down and "hid" by standing still in the shade of this tree cholla. This pic enlarges nicely so just double-click on it. SeEtta

Solitary Sandpiper video clip

I have been hassling with this blog site to get this posted for the last 4 days! I found this Solitary Sandpiper loafing at my friend's pond last Saturday. It looks like it lost all but the stub of one leg. The noises you hear from the audio are from blackbirds nearby as this sandpiper made know audible sounds even when it opened and closed it's beak.Wow, According to ,"The Solitary Sandpiper lays its eggs in the tree nests of several different song birds..."--that surprised me. SeEtta