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Neat rotor/wave clouds over Wet Mountains

I photographed clouds similar to these in 2010 then again in 2012. I shared them with the Pueblo Weather Service meteorologists who confirmed the photos are called rotor clouds that are a rare phenomena caused by "Kelvin-Helmholtz instability" that is related to wind shear likely from strong winds near mountains.

I spotted these yesterday as strong winds caused the wind shear along the Wet Mountains just to the southwest of Canon City to create these rotor/wave clouds again. SeEtta

Lots of bird paintings on Legends Inn, Junction City

I have stayed in this funky older motel in Junction once before. It was very reasonably priced, clean, allowed my dog and had all these neat bird and other paintings on the outside of each room (about 18-24 inches high)

They were all quite good and of course made me feel at home. The area has excellent birding though not so much with the nasty weather this time.

I asked about them and was told they had hired an artist from out of town to come to do the paintings over a year ago.

None of them were signed which was too bad as this artist is not only a good painter but also knows local flora and fauna.

And inside each room there was a mural painted on one wall, or sometimes extending the scene to the next wall. SeEtta

Timed out for travel and return home weather challenges

Sorry about not posting for past 2 weeks.  I moved to stay with friends near South Padre Island for a few days then packed up for return trip home.  Terrible weather--snow and freezing rain in the northern and western areas that I could travel through to get home. Then woke to freezing fog that had laid a thin layer of ice on everything including the roads so stayed extra night in Junction,Tx.  When I got near Amarillo I saw this fog bank (looks like mountains in the distance) looming ahead--and the weather radio reported it was freezing fog with travel advisory so had to backtrack to a highway I could head west into New Mexico to try to stay ahead of it-I did and made it home the following day.  SeEtta