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Bald Eagle in Bighorn Sheep Canyon

I spotted this adult Bald Eagle at the edge of the Arkansas River this afternoon in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon west of Canon City. (I think their talons are not only really large but impressively black, standing out from the orangy color of their feet as though they were painted on)
I don't know if it had been bathing but it didn't look wet. It may have been picnicking next to the river.
It flew off and perched several miles downstream in a snag over the river where I got the pics below.
While perched it looked around but also looked up quite a few times. I couldn't see anything above it but I don't have eagle-eyes so could have been a bird/birds higher up out of my sight.
Just for context, the eagle was about 250-300 feet away when it was down by the river and 400-500 feet away when perched on the snag.
I was using my 70-300 mm,f5.7 Canon Lens on my Canon 60d dslr camera. And I cropped all of the photos to enlarge them. SeEtta