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Chachalaca on the nest

I spotted this Chachalaca sitting on the nest at Frontera Audubon yesterday. While big and loud, they aren't really unattractive. SeEtta

Ovenbird, unusual ground foraging warbler

I was able to get several good pics of an Overbird at Frontera Audubon.
While we are used to warblers flitting from branch to branch in trees, this member of the warbler species is a ground forager. SeEtta

Northern Parula at Frontera Audubon

Spotted this Northern Parula this afternoon at Frontera Audubon. SeEtta

Blue Bunting, a rare vagrant from Mexico

He flew in and spent about 15 seconds getting several drinks of water. I did nothing to enhance the color of this bird-it is just very deep blue. SeEtta