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Female Black-throated Blue Warbler

I found this female Black-throated Blue Warbler earlier this month on private property in the Florence, CO area. This species is quite rare in my area. SeEtta

Late Burrowing Owl

I also found this Burrowing Owl just north of La Junta, CO. It is here late and most of it's species has already migrated to parts south for the winter. SeEtta

Migrating Sage Thrashers near Lake Holbrook

I did some birding in the La Junta, CO area over the week-end and was surprised to find this and another Sage Thrasher near Lake Holbrook, a location without sage brush. Ebird notes a few sightings of this species around the La Junta area but they range back over a number of years. I suspect this, the 2nd Sage Thrasher it was with and an Eastern Phoebe I found nearby were all migrating through the area. The attraction was a large puddle of water about 10 feet X 3 feet--it is the only appreciable water in the area. Lake Holbrook, an irrigation reservoir, has been dried up for 2-3 weeks and the drought has virtually eliminated sources of water around there. SeEtta

Bear, being a bear up a tree

This is another on my photos I took of the bear I spotted 2 weeks ago about 75 feet up a tree. I will post more when I have a chance to edit and post them. SeEtta