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Light morph Ferruginous Hawk

I was driving back to Canon City from a long day in Pueblo so I took the scenic, and often more birdie, root via H96.  I spotted this hawk and got these 3 pics that show most of the field marks for this subspecies.
These show the snowy white underparts that have scattered rufous feathers, white tail, the pale head and gray cheeks and some of the rufous shoulders and back found on this morph of Ferruginous Hawk.  Not visible are their feathered legs.  SeEtta

Handsome Williamson's Sapsucker

Every fall and winter I get to drive around my town of Canon City to watch and photograph a number of sapsuckers. There are always several Williamson's Sapsuckers and this year is no different. These are pics of one of two male Williamson's Sapsuckers I have found so far.
 These males have such striking plumage.  They, and their female counterparts, have outsized feet compared to their body size.  SeEtta

Cedar Waxwings feasting on crab apples

I am back😀 I spotted some Cedar Waxwings in a couple of crab apple trees located right next to busy 9th Street in Canon City. 
 There were about 20 to 25 birds in the flock. 
I have had a flock of about the same size visit my yard a number of times in October to feed on crab apples and other small fruit, but couldn't get any reasonable pics of them. Several more pics, just click on Read More.  SeEtta