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And a third juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

I found yet another juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Canon City over the week-end, this one on the grounds of The Abbey (formerly a Catholic boarding school). This one has no red on it's crown that I could see with my binoculars or in these pics so I can feel comfortable that this is a different from the other two juveniles in town as both of them have some red feathering on their crowns. This bird also shows a lot of yellow on it's belly. It is really helpful when there are obvious plumage differences on these sapsuckers as I cannot always find them in close enough time periods to indicate I am not seeing the same one in different locations as they do move around some. SeEtta

Another juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Canon City

This week-end I found this second juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Canon City. I had just seen the juvenile Yellow-bellied I had found in Centennial Park last month right before I drove to Lakeside Cemetery where I found this one. It seems most unlikely that these are the same bird as it was just about 5 minutes and over a mile between the sightings. Plus this bird moved around a lot, flying from tree to tree often while the sapsucker at Centennial Park stays in one tree unless disturbed by people in the area. I had seen some signs in the past week that there was a sapsucker working Lakeside Cemetery but the fresh sapwells are limited in number so either this sapsucker is feeding outside of the cemetery or has recently arrived. SeEtta