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Accomodating Yellow-billed Loon

Birding yesterday at Antero Reservoir yielded a number of interesting birds including this Yellow-billed Loon that stayed for several minutes fishing relatively close to shore (compared with many loons that I have seen as distant dots in my spotting scope) as I watched with Colorado birder, John.

Another arctic species, only juveniles like this wandered down to Colorado occasionally. Though the bottom pic is mostly duplicative, I posted it as it gives a better view of the size and shape of the loon's bill. SeEtta

Fearless Snow Bunting

This Snow Bunting was found at Antero reservoir at 8,000 feet by Colorado birders Lock and Glenn yesterday. I ran into another Colorado birder, Brandon, and we had been looking for the bird as Snow Buntings are quite rare in Colorado. As we stood talking with a fisherman who was inquiring about why so many people were looking for it, it walked between 2 boulders nearby then flew a short distance away.
We followed to take photos and this was the most fearless little bird, allowing quite close approach. I took this pic with it less than 15 feet away. After we took pics and watched it for over 5 minutes, it continued foraging along the shoreline of a fishing pier undisturbed by our close approach. SeEtta

Presidential race & conservation

National Audubon Society published in the recent issue of Audubon Magazine the responses from McCain and Obama on their positions on conservation issues. In the introduction to comments was this intro:

"Yet despite his leadership in global warming and his affection for Teddy Roosevelt, McCain’s record is a political Rubik’s Cube. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) gives McCain just a 24 percent lifetime rating. He has rejected efforts to tighten environmental and energy regulations affecting issues ranging from clean air to fuel efficiency—anything, his critics contend, that stood in the way of industry profit."

"Although McCain has consistently voted to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, he implied that position could change, telling Audubon he doesn’t support oil drilling there “at this time.” He also backs “multiple use” in America’s wilderness areas, a loaded term in many green circles. What happens if gas reaches $7 a gallon? His full-throated reversa…