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A couple of Marbled Godwits

This is one two Marbled Godwits in the Big Marsh at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge today.

This short video shows one the godwits as it bathes and does so quite vigorously. SeEtta

American Pipits at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in KS

I got in to the Quivira National Refuge in KS late yesterday afternoon. I saw 3-4 of these American Pipits there today.

I caught this pipit in the bottom pic as it appeared to yawn. SeEtta

First Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk of the season

I spotted this light morph Harlan's Hawk in eastern Pueblo County, Colorado this afternoon and was able to get a few good flight photos using my Canon 60d dslr camera with 400mm, 5.6 lens.

Distinctive are the white 'spectacles' and pale gray with blackish subterminal band Harlan's type tail. This one has moderately marked underparts with wide black band on rear edge of remiges along with black patagial marks.

Though I have heard of Harlan's hawks being seen in northern parts of Colorado this month this is the first I have seen this fall/winter season. SeEtta