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Quite a find--a Worm-eating Warbler

I have been enjoying not only Rio Grande Valley specialities but some migrating warblers these past 4 days. Today I birded Quinta Mazatlan, one of the "World Birding Centers" in the Rio Grande Valley. I was quite frustrated and almost left because there was so much noisy maintenance work being done to the grounds, partially because they had a big earth-day celebration there over the week-end. I am glad I hung in because I found this Worm-eating Warbler that is migrating through.

Though this pic is not great it was the best I could get as this bird was sticking to thicket areas that were dark and had lots of vegetation in the way. In fact, the blurriness on this pic is from some vegetation between me and the bird. It does show the blackish eye stripe and some of one of the crown stripes that are distinctive with this species. Other viewable field marks, as described in Birds of North America online are as follows: "Remaining upperparts largely olive green; lacks w…

Quinta Mazatlan Canada Warbler

I found this male Canada Warbler working mid-canopy during it's migration stop-over in the trees at Quinta Mazatlan. The top pic shows some of the field marks of this species. Though not as good the bottom pic shows it's black streak "necklace" and a clear view of the full eye-ring. SeEtta