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Greater Roadrunner: short video clip

Greater Roadrunner from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo. This is a short video clip I took of the Greater Roadrunner I found at Brush Hollow SWA yesterday. These birds are so entertaining to watch. SeEtta

Roadrunner, almost a hood ornament on my car

A good thing I was driving only a few miles per hour this afternoon at the Brush Hollow State Wildlife Area because I had to slam on my brakes to keep from turning a live Greater Roadrunner into a hood ornament on my car. This not-so-small bird came out of nowhere and ran rapidly in front of my car. This is the first Roadrunner I have seen in my area in a few years. SeEtta

Young Black Phoebe, August 8

I took this photo on August 8. Since I saw this young Black Phoebe with another one whose age I could not determine I don't know if it was still a fledgling or had attained independence at that time. However the Black Phoebes I have seen yesterday and today have clearly been in juvenal plumage with no signs of an adult bird so I believe it has attained independence and is now a juvenile (and not a fledgling). SeEtta

Black Phoebe close-ups

These are also photos I took on August 6 though these were from later in the morning so not sure if it was the same fledgling or another one.
It did fly to the side of the Arkansas River where I was sitting, less than 40 feet away, so I was able to get some close-up views.  SeEtta