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Flashdance...oh what a feeling

At times I could almost head Irene Cara belting out Flashdance as she leaped into the air with Sandhill Cranes. These birds were just as skilled as dancers as she. SeEtta

Hey baby do you wanna dance

These Sandhill Cranes were really 'kicking up their heals'. It is interesting the moves they make.

Note the bird in the bottom pic that is bowed down, a part of the breeding behavior. SeEtta

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music

The Sandhill Cranes have been returning most every day to these agricultural fields only a few miles from where I live. Their exuberance is a joy to experience.

The high jumper in the bottom pic must be young to get that much air. SeEtta

Cranes a-dancin'

These were some of a flock of about 15 Sandhill Cranes that used a local agricultural field in the Canon City area for a migration stop-over for a few days. In the top pic they are starting to dance.
In the other two pics the cranes are dancing away. It is always enjoyable to see Sandhill Cranes during spring migration as they begin their breeding dancing. SeEtta