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Mississippi Kites breeding

I just realized that videos on my blog can be enlarged to full screen views (rather than having to go to youtube to do it) by clicking on that box in the bottom right of the video that has 4 objects (that look like arrows) in it.I spotted one of the Mississippi Kites fly from the nest to this more distant cottonwood followed immediately by the other apparently male kite. I saw them begin copulatory behavior but it took 10-20 seconds to move my tripod around to start videotaping so very short video clip doesn't show the entire sequence. SeEtta

Mississippi Kites-video clip of pair working on nest together

This brief video clip shows both of the Mississippi Kites working on the nest together. I was surprised to see this and thought maybe they had actually been eating something that was in the bottom of the nest. However, I have watched this several times, stopping it to look for signs of food which I haven't found, and believe what is shown is the two moving some nesting material around in the bottom of the nest which may be new nesting material just brought to the nest by one of the kites. SeEtta

Mississippi-another video clip of nest building

This is a longer, just over a minute, video clip of one of the Mississippi Kites working on the nest I found being built in Lamar Woods, Lamar, Colo this week. The kite is seen lifting several sized tree branches as it builds it's nest, then positions itself with it's head and breast down and tail up which is culminated in some shaking as it makes more adjustments. At the end the kite is standing then it slips out of the nest and flies down and out from the partially built nest. SeEtta

Mississippi Kite-video of nest building

This is one of the video clips that came out very good of the Mississippi Kite engaged in nest building. I think it's fascinating to watch her use her bill to move sticks and other vegetation around to suit her. I have more photos and video to post later. This video can be viewed in full screen mode at my Youtube channel (put your cursor over the box in the bottom right on the screen there and click to get a full screen viewing--this video is good enough quality that shows nicely on my 14" laptop screen but I don't know how it looks on large screens). SeEtta

Mississippi Kite buidling nest

While doing a little birding at Lamar Woods in Lamar,CO two days ago, I spotted a Mississippi Kite appearing to build a nest. All she had was a few sticks on a branch as shown in the top pic. She appeared to be easily disturbed and though I wasn't positive initially, I didn't want to take a chance of interfering with breeding behavior so I left and returned later that day. I found a Mississippi Kite (sexes look the same) in the area both in the afternoon but no bird went near the apparent site. I came back near dusk but didn't find any kites. I had some conservation stuff to do yesterday morning so didn't get to check on her again until yesterday afternoon--again I saw a kite perched in the area and also one flying high above but no indication of activity around the apparent nest.
So I was beginning to think I had imagined that the kite was building the nest until I stopped there this morning and took the bottom pic--this is clearly a nest and I got to watch her …