Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flock of Common Nighthawks feeding overhead during their migration

I had the pleasure over the week-end of having a flock of at least a dozen Common Nighthawks feeding overhead above my home. They were evidently a migrating flock that flew around and around for about 45 minutes as they fed on whatever insects were in the air. I had a similar flock feeding over the Canon City Rivewalk not far from my home 2 weeks ago but couldn't get the photos I was able to crop for enlargement as here to see the field marks.
The bird in the first photo is a male--see the white tail band and large bar on primaries. The next two are of a female-no white tail band and primary bar more limited.

The bird just above and below are males.
The bird above and the bird below are females.
And the last one is a male-it's white tail band is not as obvious but can be seen if clicked on to enlarge further and the primary bar more extensive. SeEtta