I drove down to Pueblo Mountain Park over the week-end to see the Acorn Woodpeckers that were just reported as feeding young. I easily found both the male and female Acorn Woodpecker on the 'granary tree' that they have used to store acorns since their arrival at this location. It is also where they had an unsuccessful nesting attempt previously.
All of these photos are of the male. During the time I stayed watching (over an hour) both the male and female spent a lot of time in the nest hole (I think separately but they might have been inside together at one point). I never saw either bird bring any food to the nest hole nor spend time poking their heads in the nest hole as would occur when feeding. Instead they went in and out quickly leaving me the bottom pic showing just the tail as the male went inside. What I observed was more consistent with incubating behavior which is done by both the male and female.Birds of North America online.
I have some photos of the female I will post later. SeEtta


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