Monday, June 16, 2014

Holcim Wetlands closed due to breach of river bank by high water in Arkansas River

I took these photos on June 12. Here is an aerial shot and one from the road of Holcim Wetlands just east of Florence that I got with my smartphone cam this evening. Richard Miller posted day before yesterday that he saw a Least Bittern in this location where that rarely found bird has been documented breeding for several years. Unfortunately it has been closed for an undetermined period due to the unusually high running Arkansas River that was just over 30 feet from the wetland pond just a day or so ago broke through the bank and bisecting the trail. As can be seen in both photos there is still plenty of water in the wetlands pond but Holcim Cement which owns this location has closed it for safety reasons so please respect their decision. I am working with Holcim to get this damage stabilized as it is possible that the river will take out more land area. I told Holcim at the Comm Advisory Committee meeting tonight that many birders will be anxiously awaiting re-opening as the Least Bittern is a very sought after bird. SeEtta