Found a probable hybrid Black X Eastern Phoebe juvenile on the Canon City Riverwalk

Earlier this spring I found an apparent pair of what looked like Black Phoebes that were located across the river from the Canon City Riverwalk. Though I did see them a few times when they flew across the river so were closer, most of my views were about 80-100 feet away. So I did not get good enough views of these phoebes to tell if they appeared typical or not--which in my experience takes good close views and preferably close photos since we have had many pairings of Black with Eastern or combinations including one that is a probable hybrid over more than a decade.
Today as I walked the Riverwalk near that location I spotted this phoebe in intermediate plumage--see all the extra black feathering on it's belly below the inverted V where a Black Phoebe would be essentially all white -so a likely offspring of the phoebes from across the river and a probable hybrid Black X Eastern Phoebe. Note I added the last photo, which is not very sharp, because it clearly shows the brownish/rusty wing bars of this phoebe, a field mark for juveniles. I can also see a little of the residual orange flanges leftover from it's fledgling stage. SeEtta


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