Black bear with cubs: walking on down the trail

The black bear momma and her cubs come out from the forested area where they were feeding and continue on down the Riverwalk trail (after they disappeared behind the trees, I retreated a ways back on the trail just in case she decided to return back down the trail the way they-and I-had come and to make sure I didn't crowd them). The cubs investigate and play a little as they follow mamma, stopping to smell the roses (or more likely some berries), then running to catch up. The cubs sure look awful bow-legged, more so than momma. BTW, they are now at a safer distance so I am not moving away from (and knocking into) the camcorder to check on them with my binoculars so the video doesn't jump as in previous clips (can't really see as well through viewfinder and when she was close I kept monitoring her frequently). SeEtta


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