Black bear mamma with 3 cubs: grabbing a bite as follow mom

This is another video clip of the Canon City,CO bear family. In it the momma bear continues leading her triplet cubs down the Canon City, CO Riverwalk trail (this is easier for not only adult bears but especially cubs to walk on just as trails are for people). As they walk by some overhanging limbs that apparently have something good to eat, first one then the second and finally the third cub grab a bite as they continue after their momma (like a drive-in for bears). SeEtta

"How People Get Bears into Trouble
Trash left around homes and campsites. This includes trashset out the night before trash pickup.
Feeding pets outdoors.
Hummingbird feeders filled with sweet-smelling/tasting liquid.
Suet/peanut butter/ bacon grease feeders for birds and squirrels.
Greasy barbecue grills left outside."


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