Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black bear momma with 3 cubs: chow time

This is a video of a black bear with 3 young cubs that I shot at the Canon City, Co Riverwalk yesterday (this is the second clip, I am having problems editing clip I so it will go up later). The black bear momma stops for some food--and it's bear food not human food-yeah (sadly many who live near this natural area leave out garbage or worse yet bird feeders plus management of Riverwalk refuse to purchase bear-resistant trash containers--shame on them all). She is shown doing some digging, maybe for some roots or grubs. The cub next to her looks like it is tasting the tall grasses in this forested area of the Canon City,CO Riverwalk. When momma decides it's time to leave, the cubs begin to follow and one looks in the light to be a cinnamon colored cub. The end of this clip is pretty cute as each cub follows, and the last one runs to catch up. BTW-the bears are about 150 feet away (which was closer than I had intended) but close shots from 40X zoom. SeEtta