Friday, June 2, 2017

Let sleeping nighthawks lie..

 I was doing a little exploring and car birding yesterday driving slowly through this little rural town in the Lower Rio Grande Valley when I spotted this nighthawk sleeping on a branch of a tree. Their plumage tends to camouflage them when they roost in trees. Contrary to it's name these birds are most active during dawn and dusk but also may be out during the day and at night.  Since there are Lesser Nighthawks in this part of the country I had to check to see which of the two, Lesser or Common, this was.  I identified this one as a Common Nighthawk given that the white band on it's wings is not beyond the tertials as occurs with Lessers, in fact much before them. 
I do not want to disturb birds especially those sleeping so I took these pics from inside my car being very quiet including using the no-click setting on my camera.  I believe I was successful as it's eyes appeared as closed after I left as when I first spotted it. SeEtta